Proba Home transforms Alex Proba’s signature visual language into a cast of vibrant, textural objects to live with. From tactile, richly patterned rugs and pillows to curvaceous, deeply saturated chairs and tables, each piece begins as one of Alex’s geometric abstractions.

About the founder —

With a background in interior architecture, furniture design, and spatial thinking, Alex has always pursued an urge to enhance lived space with unexpected arrangements of color and form. Closely related to Studio Proba, each object in the Proba Home collection starts as a sketch before being endowed with the depth and dimension—and becoming forms to squeeze, set, sit on, and curl up in. 

A turning point in Alex’s career came when she launched A Poster A Day (2013-2017), a project that doubled as a daily ritual. Everyday for four years, she turned abstract concepts into asymmetrical, somewhat surreal digital collages that she later reconceptualized as rugs, textiles, wallpaper, and furniture—giving them another life. 

"Patterns and textures have their own challenges—bringing them to life is equally challenging, but the outcome is even more gratifying."

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